Monday, September 28, 2009


Some people might ask? Don't you have anything else to do? Or something better to do?
Well...I just love writing and photography so this blog is the perfect way to show my favorite images and tell a little about them! I do have my official website for serious customers ;-)

This is also a place where I can show any picture I want without censoring myself. It could just be a memorable moment, subject, object, or a favorite place. For example: sunsets are considered "tacky" in the "professional art photography" world, so lets start this blog with my most impressive and favorite sunset!

This picture was taken in the South of France in a village called "Le Barcar√®s", overlooking the lake "√Čtang de Leucate", with the mountain "Mont Canigou" in the background. This is just one of many pictures I took in about 30 minutes, it started with a faded blue, changed into a pink and became soooo red I could not believe my eyes! This image has not been touched by Photoshop! It was shot on a positive film with my old Pentax ME Super camera.


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